What you will learn

You will get a Certificate of Completion when you finish this massage course from Olena personally

You will learn the massage lines of the face muscles and how to work with them correctly

You will know how to avoid the many mistakes and pitfalls that so many other esthetics make

- The possibility of rejuvenation without surgery and injections

- Reduce or get rid of swelling

- Relieve nervous tension

- Headache Reduction

- Increase skin firmness and elasticity

- Return of a clear oval of the face

- Expansion of the list of procedures

- Increasing customer loyalty

- Opportunity to master the skill of competent selection of rejuvenating and therapeutic massages

- Increasing the flow of customers, stable income

- Getting the status of a master of your craft


  1. You will need a thirst for knowledge and a desire to do your best
  2. You will need the willingness to put in the hours to practice and hone your massage skills
  3. You must apply yourself once you have learned the massage techniques I show you. If you do this and practice you will be on your way to having a very successful career
  4. You will need a massage table, oils or creams, towels and sheets, a pillow plus someone to practice on- I suggest if you don't already have these look at section 1 of the course for guidance first
  5. Certification. A certificate is provided at the end of the course. To receive a certificate, you will be required to either provide a video of the procedure being performed on a model or report that you have mastered the technique and are confident in performing it 


My name is Olena Witten - I am a licensed esthetician and cosmetic laser tech, and a specialist in face plastics and natural rejuvenation. Certified curator for the Intensive Course Detox Life. I also have an education in management, restaurant business, and tourism. I am the official distributor of the Korean company KRX. I am a mom. I have been trained and continue to study in the world's leading spa industry.
Every year I improve my level of professionalism:- I have more than 12,000 hours of practical experience in the field of spa - Aesthetics and massage technologies - more than 8 years of experience in the field of beauty, health, and anti-age therapy - master of facial massage at the international level
 I have had my own SPA Studio since 2018

About creating massage courses:

For more than 8 years I have been working and developing in the field of health, beauty, and anti-age therapy. I have gone in this direction from a novice master with shaking hands to a leading specialist and head of my own online classes.

From an eternal student to the founder of massage classes. I walked this path from the very beginning: facing my own fears, mental attitudes, and self-doubt. Looking around and envying competitors.

Only with the acquisition of vast experience, working for many years with personal business mentors and coaches, I developed a puzzle and build a whole system of guaranteed constant personal and financial growth.

A system based on root values, on the regular identification and development of non-resource attitudes, on the search for an inner core and awareness of one's self-worth. With a focus on internal analysis rather than comparison with others. And so my project massage techniques for the face appeared.

Yes, fundamental knowledge of anatomy, dermatology, and aesthetics is also important in this area of ​​activity. And we give them. The quality and effectiveness of massage techniques are important. And they are simply THE BEST!

We are launching 4 types of massage now, in the near future we will record 4 more massage techniques. This is an advanced level or advanced training.

It is possible (and most likely) that you will not immediately take some of the lessons and topics of this module. We give you LIFETIME access to all course content and updates.

But I can confidently say that you will not find a more comprehensive and holistic approach to learning in this area anywhere else. I am so confident about this, not because I carefully monitored all the competitors, but because I have not done this for a long time!